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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Orthopaedic Posting


It's proud and lucky to be posted in HUSM Orthopaedi department. This department considered to be the best orthopaedic referal center in Malaysia with multiple complicated cases come from every corner in the nation. In 1995, Dr Alan Graham Apley had visited our school department as a examiner for master examination. According to senior, Dr Halim in spine team is one of his candidate that time and Prof. Zulmi title was given by Dr Apley as well. Hahaha.... legend.

Well, let's start talking about my posting from 28 February 2010 to 4 March 2010. Just 3 weeks time which consider too short for me to revise back all the thing I had learn during 4th year. However, I did go through the posting safely.... cukup makan. Hehehe..... Orthopaedic consider to be second in my master list. I feel myself got a lot of chances to learn during orthopaedic posting both in 4th and 5th year. In term of teories, I learn a lot from the specialist during ward round and clinic. For practical skill, undeniable I learn most of my surgical skill in this posting. About 70% of the surgery I assisted happen here. Suturing, cutting, tying, retracting, screwing............ whatever HO's skill, I learned here. I still remember during my 4th year posting, there is a HO who newly posted to orthopaedic ward, she don't know how to scrub in the OT. Thus, Dr. Liau asked me to taught the HO to scrub..... Hahaha.... medical student better than HO........ USM really APEX!

For this short 3 week posting, I get to assist in 2 operation which is femur plating and secondary wound closure. I did the secondary wound suturing and this is the longest wound i ever closure. My speed improve compare to last year. Yeah. Thus until now, I had assisted in 16 operations as a medical student. I think I should be the student who assisted most operation in this batch. Hehe.... Really enjoy the operation.
MCQ Examination was terrible in this posting, it is so hard to score because of the 1 point deduction system. For my short case, I got Baker's cyst.... well it's not too good and not too bad... Hahaha. Here, Specialist, master students, HO and nurses are all so nice compared to other posting. Sincerely, this is the posting i will grade to be the best posting among all.

See.. I didn't cheat... This is the Apley's photo in the department room.

This is the longest suturing I done in my student life in HUSM.

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