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Monday, March 8, 2010

Christian Fellowship Farewell 2010

Time flies.... It's like yesterday and now I am going to graduate soon. Pray for me for excelling in my PRO-EXAM. Thanks all the brothers and sisters who organized the farewell for us. I personally very touched by you all.

I still remember when I first come to USMKK in 2005, I really don't really like here. It's hot, boring and far from home. Years after years, my impression on USMKK changes. It's nice. USMKK did bring me a lot of sweet memories. Too many to share if I want to list out one by one. But, the most important thing happened in this five years is I have learned to be a better man. I mean better, thus I wish during working I can even better. Hahaha.

Many new friends I met in this 5 years. Some of them really means a lot to me in USMKK. Doctors here are mostly nice too... I'm going to miss you all. Definitely, I will come back for my master program if there's a chance.

Lastly, wish you all in USMKK all the best and enjoy your life in USMKK. Keep in touch!!!!
I Love you all too!!!!

Future Doc....

Kok Wah, why didn't you look in the same direction like us...?

Sarawakian... but Jin Lee........... Hehehe

Taking photo with flowers...

Final Year who attended Farewell. From left: Susan, Kok wah, Alex, Me, Daniel, George, Pei Pei. The one in front with white cloth and smile so handsomely is Ma Tai Jiun. The childish one with red cloth who lying on Daniel's thigh is Jeremiah. Another 2 girl behind Pei Pei are Chu Ann and Siew Li, both of them wish to become final too.... old... Hahaha

Those from Methodist Church.....

Lynn, from Kuching.... She really look like Ita... Is she Ita's sister??? 

 My direct junior from SMK Methodist, Mary and Cornilia.

Chu Ann is my worship team leader in Kota Bharu Methodist Church.

Jenny and King Yunn, they are from sibu too.

Carynn and Eunice.....

(Voon Li, Patrick, Billy, Edwin, Qi Zhe) 3rd year medic group. I looked young with them... Hehehe

Ye Yuan.... From Miri.. His biceps and triceps very big o...

Bryant, from Kuching....

Kai Foo, my final year CGL.... You're are so tiny....

Kap Sum on my right and Edwin Pheng on my left... There is a tatoo on the back of Kap Sum. Edwin's photography skill quite good...

Two beauties... Cher Wee on my right and Sin Yee on my left.

Ling wei.... a happy girl.

Kee Nieng (center) has a very loud voice... and she is talented in acting. Rose is a talented girl in music..... Both of them from Sibu too.

Ling Heng Wei from Miri, my final year neighbour at Nurani 3th floor. His room is just opposite my door. He is a responsible and good man... But, unavailable lo (up to date 8-3-2010)...... Hehehe

Jeremiah who finally got his beloved girl friend in final year final moment... Hahaha.. Congratulation.

Pumpkin??? Pang King Tong..... from Sabah

King Wei.....

Dr. Chew... my CF's advisor

Wai Hoong on my right and Yi Qin on my left. They are both using Nikon..... :(  

All passed in Pro Exam.......

I'm going to miss you all !!!!!

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