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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Surgery Posting........ My favourite!

From the beginning of 2010, i started  my posting in surgery department. Today is the last day of the posting... kind of feeling sad... I am definitely going to miss this posting. One thing i hate the most is the 90 short cases logbook in 5 weeks time.... make we all gone crazy la....

I started my posting in HKB (ward 28,29&30). Posting there was very tiring (as usual because cannot sleep in lunch break... hahhaa). However, i did learn a lot from the surgeon there. (esp Mr imisari, Mr Tarmizi, Mr Othman, and Dato Hassin) Especially for the  breast and  thyroid disease, i really learn a lot from  Mr imisari. He really taught us many clinical approach and  management. We got a lot of teaching and seminar there, that makes our life there was busy. Someone say the surgeon there misuse the teaching and seminar session by making it many session just to earn RM200 per session. For me, it's ok... as  long as i learn something... hehhee. One thing i regret a lot in HKB posting is i only manage to get one chance to join OT there. I am really the OT man..... means i can't survive without entering OT... hahaha
See we all lepaking in one of the pondok near the hospital to wait for our campus bus to come and  bring us  back to campus.

Three biggest in the group. Hahaha. Don't look down on us. The one holding the drip tiang is our future orthopaedic surgeon. The one on my right might be the future Menteri Kesihatan o... Hahahaha

Start from left: Me, Azihan, Faiz

From Left: Me, Chee How, Azihan, Faiz. And the front one u know who he is.... Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Khai.

They got their name tag on.. No need to introduce.

Back in HUSM, suddenly i feel so relax because many class cancel and postponed. hahaha.. perhaps lecturer here dun earn RM200 like the surgeons in HKB... so they dun bother about the teaching (just kidding la... they are busy most of the time). I seldom see specialist round in HUSM except Dr Leow... He come even earlier than HO sometimes to do work eventhough he is a surgeon now. He consider one of my idol specialist in surgery department. I should learn his attitude when i start working. During the peroid of posting, there were many registers. Thus, we, medical student always "kena tembak". It is really good with this  "tembak", because we learn a lot of exam question through their mouth. Among the register, undoubtly Dr Azhar is my favourite. He is so knowledgable and so cute. Hahaha.

From Left: Dr Azhar, Kae Kae, Siew Chen, Me and Faiz

We are having seminar with Dr Ashraf (urologist) regarding urotrauma.

My groupmate, siew chen is sleeping in the seminar?

Dr Ashraf

Sadly to say that during 3 week in HUSM surgery department, i only managed to scrub in for a operation  (total mastectomy for phyllodes tumour). Hai........ until now, I already assisted 14 times in operation... Hopefully got  more chance during orthopaedic posting. I really enjoy in the operation. Many of my friends asking me why i so interested in the operation which look so boring. I can't explain to them, but it's really interesting to me and make me feel so meaningful everytime after the operation i assisted. By stand so near to the patient on table, I got to see the real anatomy of human and sometimes just even a simple work like retracting, cutting suture or suction also make me feel i am like a surgeon...  hahahha.. Delusion. So far, the  greatest thing i done in OT is closing the surgical wound during orthopaedic posting last year. Thanks Dr liau for giving me the chance. Many surgeons always say I oledi awarded for  FRCS  (fellowship of retractory and cutting suture) hahahaha....

End posting exam was so sudden to me where I only know i exam time on the day of  exam (clinical exam). Basically, I think i try my best throughout the posting and exam. Although i not manage to finish my essential surgery, but i think this is the book i read the most... hahahha.

In future, I think i only got chance to post in surgery department again when i am a HO. I gonna miss it.... Bye bye dear surgery department!!!!

Below are miscellaneous photos
Tan Wen Hao

From Left: Faiz, Azihan, Fen Ni, Khai, Wen Hao

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