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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Paediatric posting

Playing, crying, jumping, laughing, sleeping, sucking......... that is what my patient do most of  the time in the ward for this rotation. We all group 7 have been suffering in examine patient (kids) properly just because most of them are too active. Thus, we had been taught to examine them in a different way. Secret weapon had been given by Prof. Zabidi - Play oriented. Haha.... It's sound so "GENG", but to practise it's really need a lot of practice and experience too. Anyway, I think i had partially familiar in using the secret weapon. Hehe. We also been taught to approach our patient as a whole by using M.E.R.C.I (Medical knowledge, empathy, right, communication, insight). I found out it is quite useful and humanize in treating our patient when we start working.

5 weeks in paediatric posting really make me improve my impression in paediatric field. I used to feel so difficulty in handling paediatric aged group patient since 4th year. However, this year it's totally different. I think got 3 factors in changing my mind.

1st, HKB posting really good in term of patient. Patients there are mostly very kind and cooperative when we approach them. They are all so willing to share their child history to us. Haha.. Perhaps, they thought we're doctor there gua.... because HO there wear white coat like us too.... hehehe... some more my face look so mature....

2nd, every lecturer became so willing to teach for every teaching session. They kept on focussing on the things and cases that might come out during Pro-Exam. Also, they're willing to spent more time to teach our for almost every teaching session. Thanks to all the lecturer to put so much efforts to teach us!!!

3rd, of course my own factor. Pro-Exam is coming soon. Maybe because of this, my mentality also changed. I had told myself to focus more and spent more time in ward to learn from doctors and friends. Yeah, I think i really gain and learn a lot from them. Hopefully the knowledge i learn can last for life in my mind... hehehe

Lastly, I did enjoy the posting in HKB, but it's really tiring.

1st day going HKB, my friend looks so happy....

 Which way to go??? We're finding ward 4??? can't find on the sign board.

Finally we found it. This is Ward 4 in HKB... mainly for general Pardiatric cases
My groupmate UMA.

Mr Chia Boon Hong

Again.... Mr Chia. I am taking umbrella because it's raining quite frequently those days.... Thanks Jere (my buddy) for the umbrella.

One Malaysia!!!

See... It's raining till flood in HKB....

Serious, right? We could not find a way to escape from the ward building because of the flood..... terrible.

However, some of them are so happy playing with the water...

Then, get caught by a nurse.... But she says nevermind.... so, they continue playing... hahahha

End posting exam list... I got Dr Ariffin.... Thalassaemia case... Hai... don't really read about thalassaemia. Hopefully can score la.... (by the moment i wrote this blog, result haven release yet)

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