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Friday, December 25, 2009

District posting

I have been posted to Pasir Mas district for this posting during august-september. Our group had be spread into 2 group, the other group went to Besut and my group at Pasir Mas. Pasir Mas is a very busy town... traffic jam especially in the town. During this posting, we really enjoy our time there cooking, eating and surfing online all this time... impossible to study too due to poor study environment. One more thing make us suffering is during that period was Puasa month... thus, we basically difficult to find food during lunch time. Anyway, thank GOD for blessing my group doing well during this whole posting........

This is the Klinik Kesihatan Bandar (KKB) in Pasir Mas

Always take chance to take photo in every health unit i go... hehehe

My group members are waiting for the clinic to open...

The van fetch us from Hospital Lati(Hosp. Pasir Mas) to KKB

A&E of Hospital Lati

Our hostel.... very bad security.... my frenz car's tyres was deflated by somebody during night time....

Another view of the hostel

We are playing at the playground in front of the hostel

The only 5 chinese in Pasir Mas.... hahaha

District Health Office of Pasir Mas

That guy is Firdaus!!!

General office of hospital lati

First time holding a little goat..... hahaha..

Visiting to a Thai Temple..... Pasir Mas is actually at the border of thailand....

Further doctor...

BBQ at last night... I am the firemaker and cooker... hehehe

This is the GP clinic i go..... Dr Leong is a very special doctor.... I mean his thinking.... hahaha

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